Obrigado Benefits Campaign

Obrigado coconut water is a 100% pure and refreshing drink sourced from Bahia, Brazil. Not only does it provide a thirst-quenching experience, but it is also low in calories, energizing, and can even help with a hangover headache. Obrigado is committed to utilizing the entire coconut, creating various products and making the most out of this versatile fruit. With their own sustainable farm and factory, they ensure high-quality and sustainable production. The name “Obrigado” translates to “Thank You” in Portuguese, expressing gratitude for the valuable properties of the coconut.

Featuring Design and I collaborated on an exciting project for Obrigado, creating an awesome stop-motion campaign for social media. We conceptualized the storyline together and produced engaging 10-second animations to showcase Obrigado’s benefits. I handled the post-production, including animation, using After Effects. The result is a visually captivating series of five visuals that effectively highlight the unique advantages of Obrigado.

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